This article has the latest update on Chikun feed price list in Nigeria.

Animal farming has become the new gold. A lot of young Nigerians have realized the importance of investing in animal farming. As a result, a lot of these youth have ventured in poultry farming, grasscutter farming, snail farming and the likes. Poultry farming is one of the most ventured  animal farming in Nigeria.

Our staff went to the market and collated the price list of animal feeds produced by Chikun. Chikun feeds are produced and marketed by Olam International Limited.


Feeds produced by Chikun

Chikun is a sought-after animal feed producer in Nigeria. They have the following animal feeds on the market.

  • Poultry feeds (pellet, layer mash, pre lay mash, grower mash, finisher mash, starter mash, super starter mash, etc).

Chicken poultry feeds are highly balanced in nutrition and normally given to birds before the transition to the Finisher Mash. Chikun Feed is made from best in class milling equipment, produced using high-quality ingredients as well as an excellent balance of essential amino acids.


Chikun Feed Price In Nigeria

Feed Price in Naira
Starter Mash for Broilers (Chikun Feed) – 25kg Bag ₦6,195.00


Chikun Grower Pellet (For Broilers | 25kg Bags) ₦5,160.00


Chikun Layer Pellet – 25kg Bags ₦5,540.00


Pre Lay Mash (Chikun Feed) ₦5,375.00


Layer-2 Mash (Chikun Feed | 45 Weeks Post-Peak) – 25kg Bag ₦5,295.00


Layer-1 Mash (Chikun Feed | 19-45 Weeks) – 25kg Bag ₦5,320.00


Grower Mash for Pullets/Layers (Chikun Feed) – 25kg Bag ₦5,015.00


Chick Mash for Pullets (Chikun Feed) – 25kg Bag ₦5,600.00


Finisher Mash for Broilers (Chikun Feed) – 25kg Bag ₦6,195.00



Where to buy Chikun Feeds in Nigeria

To make a purchase, contact any genuine Chikun feed distributor. You can also order online from the following websites.

  • com
  • Olam Grains Online Store

Source: Nigeria Insider

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